About the Texas Home Builders Safety Group

The Texas Home Builders (THB) Safety Group, underwritten by Texas MutualĀ® Insurance Company, offers home builders a prime deal on their workers’ compensation insurance. Members get a premium discount, an industry-specific safety plan and potential dividends.* Any licensed Texas agent can submit qualifying clients for THB membership. The qualifying class codes for the Texas Home Builders Safety Group are 5437, 5606, 8601, 8742, 8809, 8810, 9014 and 9015.

A safety group member is entitled to a premium discount which is based on an estimate of the group’s entire written premium. For example, if a group is projected to generate $500,000 in annual premium, all policyholders in the group will receive the premium discount applied to the $500,000 premium level (10 percent) regardless of their individual premium size.

Group members also benefit from expert claim and loss prevention services. Texas Mutual Insurance Company will assign a loss prevention consultant who is or becomes an expert in the group’s common operations. A safety plan is developed for the group and adopted by all members. The loss prevention consultant may speak at the group’s association meetings or in other group settings.

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